Are You a Leader?

Do you consider yourself a ‘leader’?  Do you want to be?  You may already have a title of ‘Supervisor’, or ‘Manager’, or you may be an individual contributor who desires, or has the ability to influence others.

Either way, this blog is written for you. Not all people with titles are true leaders (shock!).  More about this later.  Not all individual contributors have influence.

If you have the desire deep down to be a true leader, you can get there.  There is nothing stopping you!

My journey as a leader began in school, where I volunteered, or was selected to work on special projects, serve on committees, act in school plays, letter in cheerleading, or be voted by my classmates for a couple ‘Superlatives’ (do schools still do this?)

In my work career, I’ve taken opportunities to excel and put myself out there.  Even when I messed up, it was a learning experience for the next time – and there has always been a next time/opportunity/challenge.

You have to be intentional about looking for opportunities to lead.  Don’t wait thinking that someone will notice that you have abilities you’re not using and that you would be great leading the next important project.  People are busy with their own stuff and you may be overlooked if you just wait.  Let someone know you are interested.  Speak up.  Be heard.  Get out of your comfort zone.  Take the risk!

You have unique gifts and abilities.  Use them.  Whether you work in an organization, non-profit, retail environment, firm, or any other work environment, or you may even have the desire to own your own business, use your skills to excel.  No matter what you do, or want to do, develop yourself and step up to achieve all that you were meant to be.  You CAN do it and be successful!

Be the difference!

All the best,


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